Mandala Colouring – Art Therapy

You love colouring mandalas? Well, get this. Did you know that the act of colouring mandalas has in fact several mental health benefits? Let me explain.

First, psychological studies have revealed that the effect of coloring mandalas is the same as that of meditation. Coloring the various shapes and patterns of mandala designs requires you to be deeply involved and focused. As such, coloring mandalas will effectively help you disconnect from the negative feelings of stress and anxiety, and in turn replace them with positive thoughts.

Why mandalas and not just free form coloring you ask?

Studies have concluded that colouring mandalas for 20 minutes is more effective than free form colouring. There was no reduction in anxiety among the individuals who colored on a blank piece of paper, whereas those who colored mandalas actually reduced their anxiety levels lower than they initially were before starting to color. The explanation behind the enhanced therapeutic effects of coloring mandalas is the use of fine repetitive gestures that give one the ability to remain focused on the task at hand, therefore contributing to consciousness or being in the present moment. 

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Colouring mandalas is not only beneficial for adults, it’s a fantastic activity for children as well! More to come…

Zoé @ EasyMandalas 🌸